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Handbags can give women a sense of security

Handbags can give women a sense of security

According to British media reports, psychologists in the country have found that the reason women are willing to carry handbags is because various handbags have brought them sufficient self-confidence.

  First, the bag can give a woman a sense of security.

A bag is like a personal companion. Carry it with you and you will have a sense of solidity that you can rely on.

Women’s love for bags is a manifestation of Maslow’s theory of hierarchical needs-security is above physiological needs, and human instinctual needs.

When women walk into the vast world outside from home, it is the bag that gives certain emotional support in the subconscious.

In some cases, handbags can also help them relieve their internal tension and anxiety.

  In addition, Bao is a savior for women, making them more perfect.

Women are not like men. Sometimes they may not care about their perfection. Men can put everyday things in cell phones, cigarettes, keys, etc. in personal pockets, but women cannot do so, so they cannot leave their bags.

  At the same time, the bag can reflect the taste of life and femininity.

Bags are the best accessories to match clothes, but also the way they change their mood.

For them, choosing and matching a handbag is a delightful thing, and they are happy to wear it.

A carefully crafted handbag reveals their pursuit of quality of life.

From some women’s bags, you can read her soft, small space, with lipsticks, eyebrow pencils, perfumes, keys, wallets, phone books, mobile phones, photos and so on, which are loud.Announce them as very feminine.

  Handbags can sometimes be targeted at the owner’s secrets.

For example, some women think that handbags must be practical, even as large as a briefcase.

Women who like big bags are mostly rigid outside and soft inside, hoping to give people a sense of independence, but they often lack independence, can’t rest assured of everything, and must feel in control to feel at ease.

  Of course, there are a few women who don’t like to carry a bag or put trivial things like mobile phones, wallets, etc. in their pockets.

These women are generally “powerful women.”

They have a strong desire in their hearts for freedom and liberation.

I hope to be on an equal footing with men and feel the need to draw a line between myself and something that is too feminine, like a bag.