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[Can pumpkin and purple potatoes be eaten together]

[Can pumpkin and purple potatoes be eaten together]

Pumpkin and purple sweet potatoes are more common foods, and their nutritional value is good. Both foods can be eaten together, and some foods will not be caused. The most common is purple sweet potato pumpkin porridge.This can play a very good role in regulating the body and preventing diseases, especially in preventing constipation and improving immunity.

Can pumpkin and purple potatoes be eaten together? The nutrition of pumpkin and purple potatoes is not conflicted, and they can be eaten together. Both of these foods are rich in nutrition and can bring many benefits to the human body.

However, these two foods should not be eaten indiscriminately, because these two foods also have their own dietary rules. If they are eaten indiscriminately, they may also cause adverse health effects. Let’s take a closer look at the nutritional value of pumpkin and purple sweet potatoes, and dietary rules.

Pumpkin and purple sweet potatoes are rich in nutrition, but pumpkin contains vitamin C decomposing enzymes, which will destroy vitamin C in purple sweet potatoes. Therefore, eating these two foods together will reduce the nutritional value of vitamin C.

Eating pumpkin and purple sweet potatoes has the functions of tonifying qi, promoting blood circulation and nourishing blood, intestinal laxation, diuretic and swelling, slimming body, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, expectorant and cough, detoxification and insecticide, etc. It can also treat constipation, lack of blood,High blood pressure, cough, high blood pressure, bronchitis, poor urination, edema, high blood pressure, etc. are irreversible.

Can purple potatoes and pumpkin cook porridge together Purple potatoes and pumpkin can be eaten together. In addition to protein and sugar, pumpkin also includes iron and zinc, which is a good choice for women to nourish blood.

Purple potatoes are listed as the top ten anti-cancer foods. Purple potatoes and pumpkin are delicious and good for the body. They can be eaten often.

The practice of purple potato pumpkin millet porridge 1.

Ingredients: 3 purple potatoes, 1 pumpkin 2.

Xiaomi 100 grams 3.

Hotan jujube 6 of 4.

Purple potato, peeled and cut into pieces, 5.

Fill the autoclave with cold water and boil, add all the above ingredients, cover the valve, turn the pot on again and turn to medium-low heat, turn off the heat for 25 minutes, and 6.

After turning off the heat, wait ten minutes for the gas in the pressure cooker to disappear, then remove the valve to open the lid, and a bowl of fragrant, sweet and congee can be tasted.