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Two-person interaction with muscle contact

Two-person interaction with muscle contact

The essence of strength training is regardless of men, women and children, so in addition to the tedious single-person exercise, you can also try to change the training method, so that the two-person strength can achieve a more perfect compression action, and in the process of interaction and assistance,Safely, gently increase each other’s muscle endurance, and the sleeve extension is infinitely fun.

  In addition, through the interactive training of two people, it can not only help one side maintain body balance, make the movement more complete to achieve twice the result with half the effort, but also extend the rest time by taking advantage of the situation, so as not to easily feel tired.


Sit-ups and handshake 1.

They crossed their feet and lay flat on the ground in a sit-up posture.


Scapula off the ground at the same time.


They twisted their right hands to the side and held each other.

  ★ training muscle group → lateral oblique muscle b.

Prone bow flying up 1.

The man lies prone on the ground, with both hands inserted into both sides of the ear; the woman with both hands gently presses the man’s foot and steps on the back.


The male’s scapula is clipped inside, with the tail upright.


The man opened his hands outwards.

  ★ Training muscles → Back muscles, lower back