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[Baby food supplement walnuts]_ children _ how to do

[Baby food supplement walnuts]_ children _ how to do

The nutritional value of walnuts is relatively high. It can be eaten as a complementary food for babies. After the baby reaches six months, it is appropriate to add some complementary foods to help the body’s health and gastrointestinal exercise. You can give your baby a little walnut juiceYou can also mash walnuts into walnut puree and other ingredients and feed them to your baby. This is good for promoting your baby’s brain development and promoting your baby’s health.

The practice of baby’s complementary food walnut 1, common walnut juice practice: 1, soak walnut kernels in warm water 5?
After 6 minutes, peel.

Use a multifunctional food processor to grind it into a pulp juice (or grind old mushrooms with water to make walnut juice), filter it with clean gauze, and let the walnut juice flow into Xiaopeng.

2. Pour the walnut juice into the pot, add an appropriate amount of water (or milk), add white sugar to boil, and wait until warm before feeding.

Features: Sweet and delicious, rich in nutrition.

[Hint]Peel the walnut kernels and grind the walnut juice finely.

Suitable for infants over 4 months.

Efficacy: Walnut kernels are rich in fats and proteins, crude fiber, carotene, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, nicotinic acid, iron, vitamin E, etc. It is a nutritious nutritious fruit, and a good medicine for brain health, beauty and long life.
The juice eaten by babies, or promote the secretion of amylase, laxative, increase appetite, improve the absorption of nutrients, and help the baby’s growth and brain development.

Second, the practice of peanut and walnut juice: raw materials: walnuts, peanuts, the same amount of water.

Method: first soak the walnuts and peanuts in warm water overnight, remove the walnuts and peanuts the next morning, put them into a juicer, add an appropriate amount of water to make a juice, pour in the pot and boil, add an appropriate amount of sugar!

Walnuts are rich in nutrition. The pouting MM does not prevent it from being treated as a daily snack and easily achieves breast enhancement.

Third, the practice of black rice walnut juice: raw materials: walnuts, black rice and the same amount of water.

Method: Soak the black rice and walnut kernels in warm water for 5-6 minutes, then grind them into a soymilk machine, and then bring them into a pot to boil.

Walnut, also known as walnut, has been praised by more and more people for its outstanding brain-building effect and rich nutritional value.

The phospholipids in walnuts have good health effects on brain nerves.

Walnut is an anti-aging food. It has great allergies to prevent skin aging, arteriosclerosis, and dementia. It is a good food therapy.