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[Benefits of drinking red wine]_Red wine_Efficacy_Effect

[Benefits of drinking red wine]_Red wine_Efficacy_Effect

Today’s urban people like to drink red wine, especially white-collar workers, and drink some red wine before going to bed at night. This is because red wine has many benefits, can help digestion, lose weight well, and can also beautify the face. This is what many women likeThe reason for red wine.

1. Promote the appetite. The bright colors of the wine, the clear and transparent body, make people pleasing to the eye; pour into the cup, the fruity wine is fragrant; the taste of tannin in the wine is slightly astringent to promote appetite.

All these make the human body in a comfortable and euphoric state, which is beneficial to physical health.

2, the best digestive beverage protein meal.

Wine can stimulate gastric acid secretion, and every 60-100 grams of wine can increase gastric secretion by 120 ml.

Tannin in wine can increase the contraction of rough muscle fibers in the intermediate muscle system and adjust the function of the colon.

Have a certain effect on colitis.

Sweet white wine contains sorbitol to help digestion and prevent constipation.

3. Bactericidal effect. A long time ago, people have recognized the bactericidal effect of wine.

For example: cold is a common and frequently occurring disease. The antibacterial substances in wine can inhibit the flu virus. The traditional method is to drink a glass of hot wine or a glass of red grapes-wine, heat it, break into an egg, and gently,Stop heating and cool a little.

Studies have shown that the germicidal effect of wine is because it contains bacteriostatic and germicidal substances.

4, nourishing effect wine contains sugar, amino acids, vitamins, minerals.

These are essential nutrients for the human body.

It can be directly absorbed by the body without prior digestion.

Especially for the frail, often receiving the right amount of wine is good for recovery-health.

The phenolic substances and Oligoe Lement in wine have the function of oxidizing agents, which can prevent the body from metabolizing?

Ros’s harm to the human body (such as DNA and RNA in cells), these injuries are one of the factors that cause some degenerative diseases such as cataract, vascular disease, arteriosclerosis, and deterioration.
Therefore, often the right amount of wine can have anti-aging and longevity effects.

5. Weight-loss effect Wine has the effect of reducing weight. Each liter of dry wine contains 525 calories, which is equivalent to 1/15 of the human body’s average daily conversion needs.

After drinking, wine can be directly absorbed by the body, digested, and consumed within 4 hours instead of gaining weight.

Therefore, people who regularly consume dry wine can not only supplement the body’s required water and various nutrients, but also help lose weight.

6. Diuretic effect In some white wines, the content of potassium tartrate, potassium sulfate, and potassium oxide is high, which has a diuretic effect, which can prevent edema and maintain the acid-base balance in the body.