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Scientifically answering 13

kinds of weight loss remedies

Scientifically answering 13 kinds of weight loss remedies

There are all kinds of weight loss recipes circulating on the Internet. Many fat sisters are always trying to get it, but the effect is not so good.

At this time you should use your brain, some can say “YES”, what should you call “NO”.


Do not eat or drink can lose weight – NO is not “do not eat or drink”, not grain rice does not enter, dripping water does not touch, in fact, refers to drinking water from morning to night, or can be a piece of bread, a fruit, etc.This kind of almost unscrupulous way to lose weight will only lead to unhealthy health, and that is not worth the loss!

Moreover, the weight loss may be repaid when you are not on a diet, and the chance of rebound is high.


Every time you eat, you must first calculate calories – NO does not eat high-calorie meals for weight loss, only chooses to drink yogurt, drinks, etc., and the results are against health.

The sugar content of these foods all absorb light once, and it is still impossible to avoid slight accumulation.

Therefore, smart, you only choose to eat dinner, drink less, eat less snacks, is the right way.


Drinking juice can only lose weight – many people drink tomato juice or vegetable juice instead of normal diet, thinking that this will not only meet the needs of the body, but also lose weight.

In fact, these drinks are not free of impurities, a bottle contains at least 40 kcal, and a bottle of milk is converted to 30 kcal, 10 kcal less than the former.

Therefore, we must first calculate before we drink.

Here’s a suggestion: I hope everyone can develop the habit of turning into cold water without heat, especially those who must lose weight, should change the table drink and soup into green tea.


Less sleep can lose weight – NO has long believed that sleep only affects the brain.

In fact, sleeping less will make you aging and obese.

Researchers at the University of Chicago School of Medicine found that lack of sleep can also affect hormonal function and metabolism.

In one experiment, 11 healthy people were selected as subjects. They were given 8 hours of sleep on the first night, 4 hours of sleep every night for 6 nights, and 12
hours of sleep on the last 7 nights.The body’s metabolic rate and hormones affecting blood glucose levels are measured by hormones such as alcohol level and heart rate.

As a result, it was found that the blood glucose levels of all the test subjects increased after the end of the research work.

After eating high-carbohydrate foods, they need to spend 40% more time than normal to regulate blood sugar levels.

In addition, these people’s hormones also appear to be out of tune.

All kinds of physiological changes caused by lack of sleep are signs of aging and obesity.


The corset can lose weight – NO wears a corset, the surface seems to have a role in shaping the beautiful figure of women and building self-confidence.

However, medical experts have found that 60% of gynecological diseases are related to wearing corsets.

Because the tight underwear can accumulate the secretions of the genitals, and even in the wet environment can not be emitted, stimulate the vulva to cause vulvitis; if the skin wear causes dermatitis and bacterial reproduction, retrograde infection will infect vaginitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, urinary tract infection.

In addition, wearing a corset will directly affect the blood circulation system. For unborn women, if there is a disorder in the pelvic blood circulation, it will cause diseases such as pelvic blood stasis and uterine dysplasia, which will cause infertility.

Lumbar and lower limbs have poor blood circulation, prone to lumbar muscle strain, varicose veins of the lower extremities, edema of lower extremities, and other symptoms, such as dizziness.


Weightlifting can’t lose weight – no women are in fitness. Once the coach has to arrange weight training, they immediately shake their heads and categorically refuse to practice equipment such as barbells or dumbbells, because they say that weightlifting will only precipitate and cannot be consumed.

In fact, this view is not correct.

Weight lifting can completely reduce the amount of feces in the body, and will continue to consume the body’s feces in the body’s metabolism.

Use the weight of the dumbbell as an exercise device, adhere to regular exercise, the effect will be more significant.


Abdominal abdomen is perfect for the abdomen – no proper abdomen is well received, and the market is full of a wide range of abdominal equipment, even to the point of flooding.

However, simple abdominal exercise, including freehand and instrumental exercise, does not allow the “big belly” to be made smaller.

If you don’t have a low-fat, low-carb recipe, don’t do aerobic exercise, and rely on your stomach exercise to narrow your stomach, it’s a waste of time.
The more you sweat, the better your weight loss. When NO is exercising in the gym, you sweat very little, sometimes even a little sweat, and your companion is sweating and sweating. Then, do you feel both worried and poke?What?

Can tell you, don’t worry at all.

Scientific research proves that sweating consumes water, salt and minerals, not cockroaches.

There is no sweat during exercise, and it does not matter whether it is consumed or not.


Fitness weight loss is best done every day – YES In some strength-type exercises, the muscles must rest at least 24 hours per exercise.

Many people use this as a basis to exercise for a day and rest for a day.

In fact, it is useless to do so.

You can develop a rotation exercise program, such as practicing your leg muscles today and exercising your arm strength tomorrow.

And aerobic exercise and abdominal exercise can be carried out every day, so that it will not feel too boring, and time will fly fast.


Doing housework can lose weight – it is better to do some housework than the girl who wants to lose weight, because housework is the most calorie-consuming, as long as you have the determination to carry out the slimming exercise to the end, persevere, you will certainly see the effect.

Do not use a vacuum cleaner when cleaning, use a rag and a broom to increase the amount of exercise.

It will sweat when washing and ironing, and it will help to lose weight.

  Make a delicate, innovative slimming meal, pay attention to the reasonable mix of nutrition, do not hinder the study of the dishes, not only experience the fun of creation, but also do not eat a lot because of cooking, just to achieve the purpose of controlling the amount of food.


Ultra-weight-bearing weight loss is not good – if we look a little more, we will find that many women are exercising with a certain weight on the wrist and above the feet to consume more aunts.

However, excessive load can cause muscle and joint damage and limb malformations, including spinal deformities.

Therefore, it is necessary to carry out weight training.

Love can lose weight – YES experts found that love is not only healthy, but also helps to lose weight.

French psychologist Pasini said that the metabolic function of people in love will be strengthened, the adrenal function will be enhanced, and the excitable metabolic cortisone will be secreted, which makes the blood circulation of lovers better.

As the metabolism accelerates, people will lose weight without knowing it.

Using the brain to lose weight – a study by a physiologist in the former Soviet Union pointed out that even the simplest mental work can cause the body to consume a lot of energy, the intensity of mental work, and the more nutrients consumed.

According to this principle, brain weight loss has also emerged: people with obesity can use their mental work to make their bodies thinner.

Therefore, you should do more things with your brain, such as reading newspapers, painting and embroidering, practicing writing, mathematics, learning techniques, and researching knowledge. Use a certain amount of time every day to make your brain nervous, not to eat all day long, and use your heart.

This not only improves the skill level, but also achieves the goal of slimming.