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Workplace sandwich biscuits wisdom to go to the workplace law

Workplace “sandwich biscuits” wisdom to go to the workplace law

Many white-collar workers often face such psychological choices in the workplace: the two bosses have conflicts of opinion with each other, and they do not agree to choose whether to obey the party or obey the party B.
The two colleagues each hold a different word, the program is very different, is it the choice to delay the progress in the sudden or after the statement to divide the camp?
When the arrangement of the superiors runs counter to the expectations of the subordinates, when the differences are serious, is it that the self-protection is bullying, or is it rashly committed?
All of these, the “sandwich biscuits” in the workplace that are living all day in the cracking environment are really hard!
I am afraid that if I accidentally become a pig, I will look in the mirror. It is not a person inside or outside.
  The subordinates of the original shape of the pig’s eight rings can’t eat, can’t sleep, and Cai Ling really wants to have a mental breakdown!
On Monday morning, she took the project plan that she had worked hard to work overtime to give the leader a look.
The “highest indication” conveyed by the results is that the project manager asked her to further refine the technical indicators and data analysis, and reduce the textual part of the evaluation of the macro direction of the market; however, the project director repeatedly said that he should vigorously clarify the future direction of the market and all potentialCustomer resources, with a variety of indicators and data as a strong evidence.
The helpless Cai Ling had to bite the scalp and start tossing. A plan book was deleted and added, but it was always a “side” nod and “one side” shook his head.
Seeing that the date of the meeting was approaching day by day, Cai Ling was so anxious that she suddenly succumbed to death.
  The ordinary employees of the painful shape of the pigs are large and small. The planning of the big and small will be countless. At the beginning of the new year, the company’s new product positioning plan is still inconclusive under a splash of foam.
The technology research and development department of Ahua has been in opposition and has obvious barriers.
The “conservatives” that are positioned to position low-end customers and comprehensively upgrade the functions of the products are inseparable from the “innovationists” who support the development of high-end consumer groups and the high-tech functions of products.
How should he express his position? Iowa couldn’t understand for a few nights of insomnia.
After all, there are teachers in the “conservatives” who have taught and taught, and the “innovatives” have their own peers who are deeply personal.
Isn’t a mouth destined to offend people?
Ihua feels that her own life is really back home!
  The mid-level management of the original shape of the pig bastard “Hey!
“It’s a sigh. Fu Gang has no choice but to withdraw from the office of the general manager of the hotel customer service department. He has been reluctant to calculate that this is the last time he has been trained for the waiter Amy in the lobby coffee garden.
Everyone knows that Fu Gang is famous for his good temper in the hotel. Since he was the manager of the Coffee Garden, he has been approachable and has a good reputation.
But a few days ago, a guest had no trouble making trouble, knocked the glass over to the ground and asked Amy to pay compensation for his designer suit at a high price.
Amy’s fierce rebellious attitude made the general manager quite angry and ordered the deduction of three months’ salary to show disciplinary action.
As a result, Amy often burst into tears in front of Fu Gang, and constantly asked him to mediate; and the general manager has repeatedly expressed his dissatisfaction with the “squatting” results of Fu Gang’s poor management.
Now Fu Gang, I really can’t see a good face when I go.
  “夹心饼干”要学会自信地专注于工作本身  上司与上司之间的意见分歧,同事与同事之间的泾渭分明,上司与下属之间的水火不容,身处职场,想必每个人都或多或少The ground will encounter this helpless “plywood” encounter, and most of them are most troubled by the “one-size-fits-all policy” that can preserve the interpersonal relationship between the two sides.
However, Liu Tiegang, a senior psychological counseling expert at Beijing Boai Psychological Counseling Center, told reporters that if you unfortunately become a “sandwich biscuit” in the workplace, you should try to focus on the work itself, rather than trying to get a clue to the complicated relationship.
  In fact, in many cases, such a “splint” environment can well detect a person’s professional confidence.
Take the case of Cai Ling in the case as an example. When the repeated revisions are still not recognized by the two leaders at the same time, the inferior person will regard it as a kind of negation and negative burnout of the superior’s ability to work;A confident person will regard it as an ordinary disagreement and peace of mind.
The mentality is different and the results are necessarily different.
  Liu Tiegang experts suggest that this type of “sandwich biscuit” should strengthen face-to-face communication with the two leaders. On the one hand, do not let the information cause unnecessary subjective speculation in the process of confusion; on the other hand, employees should not be encouraged to gatherAnalyze the leadership relationship far beyond the scope of work, but should learn to grasp the most important contradiction at hand, and take the successful completion of work as the biggest premise.
  “Sandwich Biscuits” should avoid relying on the “safety of the group”. Although the mentality of focusing on work will offset some of the sorrow and dissatisfaction caused by guesswork, but as a “sandwich biscuit” in the workplace, almost everyone has a “collective””The instinctual psychological needs of seeking a sense of belonging and security, which makes some people dilemma between different factions, extremely depressed.
Liu Tiegang told reporters that the case of Ahua and Fu Gang is actually the same in the crux of the problem.
  As an ordinary employee who has worked hard in the company and accumulated a certain amount of resources, Iowa expects to have a reward and expression for the teacher, and on the other hand, is unwilling to destroy his deep peers.
However, when the people around them joined the camps supported by them due to subjective consciousness, value standards, personal feelings, etc., Iowa’s sense of “lonely and widowed” immediately came to life.
Such “sandwich biscuits” between colleagues’ factions tend to focus on the emotional tendency and position expression, and make the focus of thinking out of the work itself, and ultimately make wrong decisions.
  The “sandwich” situation like Fu Gang is more common among middle managers.
Such people are often accompanied by the uneasy mentality of “not in the sky, not in the ground”. I am afraid that if I am not careful, I will break away from the masses, but it is not bound to be completely integrated into any group because of the restriction of work status.Therefore, there will be a lack of decision-making ability between the two.
  Liu Tiegang experts said that the workplace “sandwich biscuits” should try to avoid relying on the group’s “security sense”. Although it is human instinct to exclude division and seek a sense of belonging, this psychological complex will restrict objective thinking and judgment to a large extent.It is more exhausting to entangle people in the gap between work and feelings.  The highest realm of “sandwich biscuits” is “plywood” rather than “qi”. How do you think about “sandwich biscuits” in the workplace? Liu Tiegang said that the so-called “sandwich biscuits” are actually describing a kind of “sandwich”.Living state.

However, he clearly pointed out that it is very normal to encounter a “splint” environment in a highly competitive and turbulent workplace.

After all, the workplace consists of “people”. Different values and different starting points will form complex contradictions of various categories and contradictions. There is absolutely no ideal situation for “splinting”.

  But the same is the “plywood”, “qi” and “not qi” but it varies from person to person.

Liu Tiegang experts told reporters that the three words “plywood gas” can be split into two parts to understand separately.

The first is the “splint”, that is, the situation in which the two concepts conflict; and then the “qi”, that is, the emotional response caused by the increased awareness of the crisis when it perceives the conflict.

Therefore, the same “person” of the same “splinter” may have very different results: some people are struggling to suppress, because they are unable to exert their ability and are unhappy; some people are at a loss, choose to face the dilemma, instead of work; some people simply two sidesI have suffered a lot, and I am deeply and resentful.

  In response to this individual differentiation of “sandwich gas”, Liu Tiegang experts said that this actually puts higher psychological demands on everyone in the workplace: or you are willing to sneak away, making it a curse that hinders personal development.Nightmare; or you choose to be peaceful, let it become a powerful force to focus on work and stimulate potential.

Therefore, do not blindly refuse the helplessness of “sandwich gas”, the highest state of “sandwich biscuits” is “plywood” rather than “qi”.

  Four strokes teach you how to “sandwich biscuits” how to walk smartly in the workplace.

Avoid swinging and blindly obeying: the factions with distinct barriers in the workplace often appear that some people suddenly flicker and flicker, and suddenly go up and down, losing their goals in the process of swaying and becoming dull and blind.

Therefore, we must always maintain the most sober cognition, and all things should be based on the principle of maximizing the effective realization of work. We will not easily change our position and reduce the distraction of emotional factors.


Learn to talk about things and avoid the assumption that the “split” environment is inevitable in the workplace, so many “sandwich biscuits” are enough to learn to talk about things. When encountering various conflicts, avoid reducing subjective expectations.Because of protecting self-esteem, they are eager to argue or argue.

Decided to take the premise of benefiting the work and the interests of the majority of people, while at the same time looking at the people who are contrary to their own opinions, learn to discover the advantages of the other side and maintain an objective mentality.


Peace of mind, do not artificially render: in the face of the “splint” situation, first of all do not escape or fear.

At the same time, avoid using absolute vision to analyze the problem. Do not simply define the people on both sides of the “splint” as “good guys” or “bad guys”; “friends” or “enemies.”

Don’t even spread the differences and artificially render the complex roots beyond work.

Properly try to find the rationalization of both sides in the “splint” and then choose the good ones from it.


Correctly mind the attitude, do not blindly rely on the strong: There is a certain view that the quickest and most cost-effective way to solve the “split” in the workplace is to “analyze the power differences between the two sides of the contradiction, and then decisively join the ranks of the strong.”

Admittedly, such an approach can quickly rehabilitate its own “disintegration” and “worry” and seems to minimize risk.

But it must absolutely adhere to the self-confidence of maintaining excellent working ability and stability.

Because even if you are relying on the strong, the “splint” still exists, but you choose to move yourself from the middle to the side, from “nothing” to “opposing.”

After that, there will be more challenges.