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Are you still holding the year-end worry?

Are you still holding the year-end worry?

Young people who have not worked long hours review their work and life for a year, and find that they have not changed much. They are worried when they look forward to their future prospects. The “white-collar workers” with higher seniority will face education at the end of the year.High, enthusiastic, and successful juniors, feel worse than themselves, stress follows the shadows, worry, irritability quietly arise . Perspective of year-end depression, teach you a few tricks with the curse “year-end anxiety disorder”, it is really embarrassing!!

  A cup of green tea: end of the year, beginning of the year, various year-end sales reports, new year development plans, year-end evaluations, bonus distribution plans . One after another, the units have begun to “calculate the general ledger” to welcome the old.

On the one hand, there is endless overtime work, and on the other hand, I look forward to the Spring Festival holiday. I can’t be happy anymore.

These two moods are tormenting like “Angels and Devil”.

Looking at the desk’s calendar, I look forward to turning it over earlier this month.

  There are no monkeys in the mountains: I want to catch both ends of my business life, but I can’t catch them.

In those days when the cadre evaluation was conducted at the end of the year, I felt like I was out of breath and almost lost sleep every day.

  Xuefeng Shaoshui: At the end of the year, I was a little worried, afraid of inventory, and afraid of year-end summary.

And this part is exactly some kind of working procedure. It will jump out when it arrives, and you won’t be able to hide it . What is the year-end doubt?

  ● Novice in the workplace: I want to fly but I ca n’t fly high. “I am a rookie in the workplace. I want to fly but I do n’t fly high. The dream price is not available. The requirements for finding a mixed rice job are also high.?
“It’s not easy to find a job these years. Too many fresh graduates just want to take the first step in the workplace, they ate behind closed doors, and even hit their noses.

After repeated interviews and written tests, I was frustrated, irritable, apathetic, poor sleep at night and so on.

  ● Senior white-collar workers: promotion, job change, eliminated?

  Year-end evaluation, evaluation, summary at the end of the year, year-end bonus dividends, all units have begun to “calculate the general ledger”. Therefore, due to fear of evaluation results, ranking behind, affecting their promotion titles, year-end bonuses, etc., many white-collar workers haveSuffering from “year-end anxiety.”

  Towards the end of the year, Ms. Wang, the white-collar worker, began her annual review and selection process. The final results were announced after the ranking.

Ms. Wang’s latest strike was disturbed, she didn’t sleep well, and she couldn’t eat anything. She was worried that the ranking would not be good or that she would not be advanced, which would affect bonuses at the end of the year and work in the coming year.

Moreover, this year’s work did not reach the goal set by the early lady. Seeing her friends had achieved something, she was very depressed, and was always thinking about whether to change to a working environment.

  ● Local officials: Year-end examination of political achievements, it is about black hat!

  The year is coming, when officials are expected to be worried.

At this time, they have to face the annual performance evaluation.

The changes in Chinese society have given officials different assessments of different times in different historical periods.

In the 30 years of rapid development of China’s economy, GDP has naturally become an important benchmark for the governance level of a small number of officials.

Especially in China’s inland economically underdeveloped regions, this number is related to the performance of officials and the ups and downs of official careers.

  ● Prepare “spiritual New Year’s” Maybe you don’t know: when there are complications and emotions, don’t always “carry them alone”, you should learn to show weakness, talk to friends and relatives, and vent the depressed emotions.

Having more time to gather and chat with friends can distract you, resolve and eliminate bad emotions.

  Rabbit Jump: Everyone must calmly accept their bad emotions and burnout, respect and understand their hard work for a year, and the desire to take a good rest.

Then, you can try to continually suggest that this is just the biological clock sounding ahead of time, and the real time for relaxation is no longer coming, telling yourself that you still need to persist and continue your efforts . until the body hears this consciousness reminder.

  ● Diet “Charging” Ice Forest Fish: Among the fruits, bananas, cherries and grapefruits can be called the top three of “Happy Fruits”.

Bananas contain a substance called alkaloids that can invigorate and boost confidence.

  ● Relaxation of body and mind: moderate exercise can keep people in a good state of mind, and can also effectively suppress people’s appetite, improve people’s emotions, and do their favorite sports, such as playing badminton, swimming, yoga .Can help you eliminate bad emotions.

  Quebec: If conditions permit, after returning home from work, you can put a pool of hot water to soak the body in warm and gentle water, so that muscles and nerves can be replaced and relaxed.

Taking a hot bath can gradually calm down the mood, slowly relieve the stress, restore the brain to reason, and then sleep beautifully and completely relax.