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Oncologist: Intestinal cancer does not itch or pain, if this happens, it is cancer cells invading the large intestine

Oncologist: Intestinal cancer does not itch or pain, if this happens, it is cancer cells invading the large intestine

Intestinal cancer is one of the malignant tumors with high incidence of cancer. It is often insidious, innocuous and painless, and has no symptoms. The patient only feels discomfort, indigestion and other symptoms, but many people suffer from it.There is a gastrointestinal disease perspective, in fact, when the soybean invades the large intestine, the body will have this condition.

Oncologist: Intestinal cancer does not itch or pain. If this happens, it is cancer cells invading the large intestine. If the stool has blood, if there is a problem in the stomach, the body will have a lot of changes in bowel movements. It is blood in the stool, although it sounds a bit disgusting, but it sounds a bit disgusting.This is also what really happened.

If you have this, don’t implant it. If you are not bleeding from acne or other causes, then you need to consider whether it is caused by abnormalities in the intestines.

Bloody feces is a serious health problem, don’t repeat it!

2, disgusting after a meal Many people just feel sick when they just eat, especially for greasy, spicy, stimulating food, will have a strong nausea.

This is most likely due to internal volume problems, because if there is a problem inside, it is easy to affect the normal absorption and digestion of food by the human body.

If you have this situation, if you are unsure of the cause, you can go to the hospital to check to avoid serious interaction problems.

3, bloating The disease is a condition that causes bloating and pain to the patient. This is because the built-in function is disordered or obstructed.

The location of the disease is usually in the lower abdomen position, and the general pain is painful and painful.

Patients with this type of phenomenon are always thought to be due to stomach problems, which missed treatment.

4, bowel habits change when there is an uncharacteristic bowel movement, and the previous bowel habits have obvious changes, the number of stools increased, the previous day, now 5?
6 times, rarely every time, the total feeling is not clean, and diarrhea and constipation alternate, these days diarrhea, constipation in a few days, the shape of the stool changes, when the tumor appears, it will cause the stool to become thin and flatOr have grooves.

How to prevent intestinal cancer in the seasonal season?

1, alkaline food acidic body is suitable for vitamin growth, and alkaline foods change the acidity and alkalinity of body fluids, so that the body fluids are balanced by acid and alkali, and the long sticks can achieve the effect of preventing the peppers from mad.

Monkey mushroom Chama ancient powder is made from Chamagu and is made with 42 kinds of alkaline ingredients such as monkey mushroom. It replaces plant organic active base and has special effect in anti-cancer and anti-cancer.

The reason why monkey mushroom Chama ancient powder can prevent intestinal cancer is because there is a certain amount of accumulation in each body, but in the normal body, they are disappeared by our immune defense.

The metabolic function of the acidic body has different degrees of disorder, which leads to the decline of the body’s immunity, stimulates the secretion and reproduction, and causes cancer.

Sticking to the monkey mushroom Chama ancient powder every day helps to prevent cancer from being fundamentally effective.

2, the ripe banana banana is also laxative, but it should be noted that the banana should be cooked to have the effect of lubrication itself.

The opposite of oyster bananas is just the opposite, which is inherent in interference.

Many people only know that bananas can prevent constipation, but they choose the wrong banana, which results in no laxative effect.

3, multi-exercise exercise can promote bowel movements, if you look at the point of accelerating static peristalsis, multi-exercise is also directly from this to prevent colorectal cancer.

We advocate more sports.

Help us maintain healthy hormone levels, metabolic capacity, and immunity.