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What’s the use of soap in life

What’s the use of soap in life

Soap is one of the common cleaning products in daily life.

So what do you know about soap?

  Soap can lubricate bicycles, hardwoods, hacksaws, and watches.

  After smoking in the room, except for the smell of cigarettes, the smoke is smoky. Wipe or light two candles in the room with a towel dipped in vinegar water, and the smoke will be eliminated immediately.

  Fungi must be prevented in order to remove moldy smells. The moldy smells in closets and suitcases can be eliminated by putting a piece of soap in them.

  In addition to paint smell The newly painted wall or home has a strong paint smell, as long as two pots of cold brine are placed on the floor, the paint smell is removed.

  In addition to the strange smell of the room when the ventilation is not smooth, there is often a carbonic acid smell. Drop a few drops of perfume or toilet water on the fan. When the fragrance slowly comes out in the future, the room will smell fresh.

  In addition to the kitchen odor, the orange peel can be roasted on the fire, and the odor can be eliminated.

Put a little vinegar in the pot, and it will evaporate and evaporate, which can also eliminate odor.

  To remove toilet odor, open a box of cool oil and place the lid on the lower corner to eliminate the odor.

A box of refreshing oil can be used for about 2 to 3 months.

  In addition, soap can also lubricate bicycles, hardwoods, hacksaws, and watches.


It is very laborious to put plastic gloves on the bicycle gloves or rubber covers on the pedals.

It can be coated with soap or water at the handle or in the rubber sleeve, and then it can be lubricated, which saves labor when it is inserted.


Screwing wood screws on hardwood is very laborious.

If you shave the wood screws with soap before screwing in, you can screw the wood screws into the wood with less effort.


When using hacksaw metal materials at home, you can first apply soapy water to the saw blade and then saw again, which will save effort and the saw blade will not break easily.


Soot on the bottom of the pot is the hardest to remove.

If you apply a layer of soap to the bottom of the pot before use, and then clean it after use, you can reduce soot deposits on the bottom of the pot.


After soaping the watch’s metal case, wipe it with a cloth to prevent sweat from eroding.